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Lemon: More Than Just a Tasty Twist

Denver residents are often some of the first to jump on a new trend. You have probably noticed that trying to live a more natural lifestyle is quickly catching on among those who live in apartments in Denver. Using natural products rather than chemical-filled store-bought cleaners is a great way to save money, save the planet and give…

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Summery Salads That’ll Brighten Your Workday

Eating out every day can get expensive pretty quickly, and freezer lunches just don't cut it when you're looking for something that offers nutritional value. Fortunately, the residents of our Centennial, CO apartments have offered up a few suggestions that work perfectly for people who need great food for their mid-day meals. Here are a few summery…

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3 Reasons to Buy Flowers for Your Coffee Table

Most people like flowers around, but not everyone thinks to buy them for themselves. It may seem like an unnecessary extravagance, especially when you consider that flowers won't last forever. But flowers do more than just look pretty on a coffee table. If you live in Centennial, CO apartments, it's time to remember the real value of…

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