Using an Instant Pot Type Cooker for Quick Slow-Cooked Meals

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Flavorful Comfort Foods in an Amazingly Short Time

Some of the best dinners, especially comfort foods, come from slow-cooked ingredients combined and melted together in a Crock-Pot or slow cooker. Meats fall off the bone, veggies are tender and flavors are exquisitely blended and infused with spices. If you plan ahead, you can have a meal ready in six to eight hours or so, which is perfect for overnight cooking.

Fast-Forward to the 21st Century

Now there’s a way to produce very similar results in a much shorter time and, no, it doesn’t involve microwaves. One familiar brand is the "Instant Pot," along with other similar appliances that employ pressurized cooking combined with a bit of technology.

Pressure Cooking Isn't New, but Technology Changes How It's Used

The Instant Pot brought a well-known cooking method, pressure cooking, into the 21st century. It was often used for corned beef and cabbage, chicken and dumplings, and other comfort foods. Combined with a high-tech controller, the new version is a versatile appliance for everything from sauteing to making yogurt and rice.

Yes, There's an App for That

Features vary from brand to brand, but one thing Instant Pot offers which can come in handy is remote control and monitoring via a Wi-Fi-based app. No more dashing into the kitchen to check on the meal, and you don't have to take a break from your pre-dinner activities to get the food cooking.

It Just Speeds Up the Process for More Tender and Flavorful Food

One example of the power of this cooking method is beef stroganoff. A typical recipe using stew beef cooked in a Dutch oven takes over three hours. In a slow cooker, it takes eight or nine hours. In an Instant Pot-style cooker, about an hour. With such quick cooking, you can kick back at our apartments in Centennial, Colorado, after your ride home, press the start button on your phone's Instant Pot app and enjoy a home-cooked meal fresh from the pot. You're free to make the rest of the meal or dessert, or just kickback. You'll love our kitchens for whatever you like to cook — come by and take a tour.

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