Holiday Safety Tips for Apartment Residents

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Enjoy a Safer Holiday in Your Centennial, CO Apartment

If you're like so many of your fellow Centennial, CO apartment residents, you can't wait to deck the halls — and the living room, and the windows — to greet the holiday season in style. But it's also good to keep your safety and security in mind as you make those preparations. Here are some smart tips that can help you enjoy a safer, happier holiday.

Decorate Safely

Holidays mean celebration, and celebration means decoration. Just make sure that your holiday decor does nothing to imperil your safety. If you're decorating a tree or stringing lights around your window, for instance, stop and check those light strings for any signs of fraying or other damage before you plug them in. Use stepladders according to the instructions printed on their safety labels. If you have pets, use an artificial tree that doesn't require water since the water container can collect chemicals that are poisonous to thirsty animals.

Keep the Place Secure While You're Away

Burglars expect apartment residents to travel during this time of year, so take the necessary steps to confound their plans for your possessions. Hide valuables in unlikely places, which will hopefully cause would-be thieves to give up after a few minutes of searching. Shop around for programmable devices that turn lights on and off at random intervals or make the sound of a dog barking when triggered by motion or noise. Last but not least, make certain that your renter's insurance is current and active.

Watch Out for Winter Weather Hazards

Even the best-kept apartment complexes can present some tricky environments in the face of foul weather. Always go up or downstairs carefully, keeping a hand on the guardrail at all times. Go slow when crossing parking lots, since they may have invisible "black ice" on them. Watch out for overhead icicles, which can look pretty but may also fall on you without warning.

If you're in the market for an apartment in Centennial, CO at this time of year, there's no better place to enjoy a happy, safe holiday than here at Greenwood Plaza. Contact us to schedule a visit and see for yourself!

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