5 Key Questions to Decluttering

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If you struggle to declutter, it could simply be that you’re keeping items “just in case” you may need them at some point. Some of the hardest things to give up are usually items that were given to you or useful items that you no longer need or use. It can even be difficult to get rid of those purchases that you regret. Maybe the item was on sale or the heels turned out to be too tall, or it’s the pair of slacks that are too snug — but you hope to fit into them someday.

If you desire a leaner, cleaner home, but have trouble deciding which items you should discard, donate or give away, then we offer these 5 Questions to Help You Declutter Your Surroundings.

5 Questions That Can Help You Declutter

1. Have I used this in the past year?

Clothes, shoes and handbags that you haven’t worn or used the last two seasons are probably taking up space in your closet. If it’s home decor items that are causing the clutter, you may want to ask yourself, “Do I still appreciate this decoration?

2. Will I use this item in the coming year?

Especially for kitchen gadgets, you don’t want to throw out a handy tool because you haven’t made a favorite recipe in a while. For items that you most likely will use again, consider finding storage options to hide away the excess pieces.

3. If I were shopping, would I buy this item again?

This is a great way to determine how committed you are to some of your belongings. If you regret the purchase or wonder why you even bought the item in the first place, then it’s probably something you can donate or re-gift.

4. If it is broken, is it worth fixing?

For most people, this is probably the easiest test when determining what should be discarded. Keep in mind, for most electronics, fixtures and appliances, it’s probably cheaper to replace than repair.

5. If I moved, would I keep this item?

When you moved to your new home at Greenwood Plaza, you likely unpacked many things that you regret hauling from your former residence. Don’t make this mistake again; throw out items that are expired or no longer fit your life choices.

Most people agree that an uncluttered home is more comfortable and more attractive. If you’re searching for your next apartment home in Centennial, Colorado, consider Greenwood Plaza, conveniently located near the Denver Tech Center.

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