3 Tips to Translating Your Cat’s Meows

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meowing catCats have a system to communicate with each other that does not involve meowing. Their meows seem to be an evolutionary way that cats learned to communicate with humans so they could get the protection and food they needed to survive. And while some cats are certainly more vocal than others, they're all technically trying to tell you something with their meow. 

Cats Talk More When You Do 

It's not an exact science, but it seems that the more you talk to your cats, the more likely they are to finish the conversation. When kittens are small, they meow to their mother out of necessity. As cats grow, they learn to provide for themselves and stop meowing entirely. Once cats realize you'll provide for them, they'll start telling you what they need. Cats may take your talking as a cue that you're happy to respond to their requests. 

Pay Attention to the Pitch 

A single short, high-pitched meow is a sign that your cat is saying hello to you. If the meows keep going in rapid succession, it means your cat is extra excited to see you. (Maybe Fluffy is telling you not to take that 14-day trip again). If an extra high-pitched sound is extended, it's a sign that your cat is in pain. When the pitch comes down a little, your feline is probably begging you for something.  A drawn-out cry signals that your pet is getting tired of begging and has gone straight to demanding. If the pitch goes down low enough, your cat is letting you know that you forgot something really important (like it's feeding time).

Cats Can Get Creative 

If cats are extra noisy, it's probably because they've noticed that extra meowing gets them what they want. Like small children, cats will just keep going if you don't wise up. Noisy cats can be disruptive to everyone, and if you live in Denver apartments, it may cause more than a few neighbors to become annoyed. 

Greenwood Plaza understands just how much a cat can light up your life. If you're looking for a new place for you and your kitty, give us a call today to see just how welcoming we can be to you and your furry friend!

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