How to Develop a Great Workout Routine Without a Gym Membership

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workout sneakersWhen you begin a new workout routine, you may feel like the first step is to join a gym and pay a costly fee each month. The truth is, you can get in fantastic shape without the expensive classes or rows and rows of treadmills. With a few basic workouts, some space to move, and diligence, it is easy to create an effective, powerful workout routine to match your lifestyle and budget.

Identify and Set Goals

Before you start a new workout routine, identify your short- and long-term goals. If you want to build muscle, strength training will be your biggest ally. If your goal is to increase your cardiovascular health or endurance, an active, aerobic plan will help you best meet your goals. Determine what you want to accomplish with your workouts, and move on from there accordingly.

Let Your Bodyweight Do the Work

You can easily get a great workout in by using just your bodyweight, or handheld equipment. Look up a few simple bodyweight exercises and work to master them. Identify resistance training activities that require little to no equipment, and use these to build your strength, without having to pay big bucks for gym machines.

Find Activities You Enjoy

If you absolutely hate running but still create an entire workout regimen focused on only running, it is likely that you will quickly become discouraged and discontinue your workouts. Find activities that you genuinely enjoy, and find ways to build workouts around those activities. Do you like to dance? Find some dance-along videos for free on the internet and get your heart pumping. Identify workout routines you look forward to and make those a central part of your training.

A great workout routine can offer a big payout even if you skip out on the big price tag that comes with a gym membership. Our 24-hour fitness center with weight and cardio equipment will give you the perfect place to reach all of your fitness goals and is just one of the many amenities offered to community members in our apartments in Centennial. Contact us today to learn about available floor plans.

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