How to Host a Holiday Wine Tasting

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wineTreat your closest friends to something special this holiday season. Host a holiday wine tasting party in your Centennial apartments at Greenwood Plaza.  A wine tasting party is a perfect way to make a toast to good friends, good times and of course, very good wine.

1. Select a Theme: Since it's the holidays, create a winter or festive theme. For example, Let's Toast the Holidays Together: A Wine Tasting Party, or Ho Ho Holiday Wine Tasting Party. Create invitations that include wine glasses or other wine accessories. Then, at the party use the same artwork to continue the theme.

2. Providing the Wine: As the host, you can supply the wine which is a nice gesture, or you can ask your guests to bring a bottle or two. This mixes up the selection as guests will usually bring their favorites to share. Since the prices of wine vary from very inexpensive (a box comes into mind) to very, very expensive, provide your guests with a price range. For example, ask them to bring two bottles of wine that range between $10 and $15 each. One bottle will be for tasting and the other will be given away at the end of the gathering. Everyone puts their name into a wine glass and those pulled receive a bottle to take home.

3.  Tasting and Sharing: When it's time to taste, ask each guest to tell a story about why they like their selection and how it makes them feel. For example, it might have been a gift from a loved one or a vino they drank on their honeymoon, etc. Stories make the party personal. As each guest tastes, go around the room and ask them to rate the wine. Keep it simple and casual with three ratings, "Love it!" Like it!" and "Not A Fan." Record responses on paper to review them at the end.

4.  Food for Thought: Always serve food at a wine party. Cheese, nuts, olives, and fruit, accompanied by a fresh loaf of bread pairs nicely with wine. Oh, yes and chocolate for a sweet holiday treat.

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