Stay Slim and Trim This Holiday Season With These 3 Tips!

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Throughout the entire year, there are certain time periods when eating healthy and not gaining weight are much harder than at other times, and most of us share one common enemy: Dun dun dunnnn — the Holidays. 

From Halloween until New Year’s Day, candy, cakes, and other sweets and treats seem to fill the air. For someone who’s watching their weight — and their overall health — this can be a nightmare. 

Fortunately, we have some solutions. These three tips should help you avoid trouble this holiday season so that you can come out the other end feeling slim, trim, and, most of all, healthy. 

1. Keep your goals in sight.

Literally! It’s so easy to get off track over the holidays when you’re distracted by treats at work, treats with family, treats with friends, etc. Instead, try distracting yourself with your goals and the reasons you want to stay away from the sugary, processed stuff.

Put sticky notes with your goals on your bathroom mirror or the fridge. Read the top three reasons you want to lose weight (or maintain) and stay healthy every morning. When you keep your goals in mind, they have a much better chance of actually impacting your behavior. 

2. Plan, prep, and plan some more.

If you’ve ever been successful at a weight loss plan before, you know that planning is key. Some might even say it is the key. And once you think you’ve been planning enough? Plan some more. Here’s how you should be planning for the holidays:

  • Always have cut up veggies or pre-made salads in the fridge.
  • Always have a bottle of water with you.
  • Know what you’re going to eat for all your meals and snacks every day.
  • Going to a party? Bring your own healthy dish.
  • Going out to eat? Look up their menu online and plan what to eat.

3. Forget perfection.

It’s easy to think that you can be perfect in dodging the bad foods this holiday season. But truly, that’s a lie. Perfection of any kind is not going to happen, and thinking it will set yourself up for failure. Instead, try your best, and if you make a mistake, realize it, forgive yourself, and try again to give it your all.

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