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The apartment homes at Greenwood Plaza, nestled in the Denver Tech Center, are already set to style to your decorating tastes. But often, when the seasons change or the years go by, you may want to change up your interior spaces without spending a lot of money on new furnishings. A great way to brighten up your home with summer colors and stay within your budget is to color splash!

What is Color Splashing?

You've probably already used accent colors to coordinate your furniture, wall art, rugs, and window treatments. Accent colors are used sparingly to visually coordinate a room or add contrast or rhythm. You will find accent color palettes come in three-shade groups such as the warmth of yellow, teal, and turquoise or the cooler palette of green, blue, and purple. 

Color splashing allows you to throw out the interior design book and simply add pops of color throughout the home. This technique works especially well in rooms with a neutral color scheme. But even if you have brightly toned colors already, color splashing with contrasting colors will offer the same dramatic effect.

4 Ways to Add a Splash of Color

Layered Area Rugs – An exciting way to use area rugs is to layer them. That's right — use smaller rugs on top of larger ones in different patterns, colors, and shapes. Layered area rugs are a new trend where natural fabric rugs are used to create an artistic floor pattern.

Colorful Windows Treatments - Swap out your sheer, white curtain panels for a mauve, goldenrod, or soft blue. Even though you are keeping with a muted color scheme in the room, the uniqueness of shaded sheer panels is enough to add pop to your windows.

Vibrant Sofa Pillows - The easiest way to color splash is to get rid of your carefully coordinated sofa pillows. Opt for nice quality pillows in deep reds, blues, or greens and contrast with a white or black pillow to create visual excitement and an unexpected color combo for your sofa.

Patterned Throws – Whether you care for sofa and chair throws or not, they can be used to color splash a neutral room. With a throw, you can go a step further: Instead of a color contrast, select a patterned throw. Even a hand-knitted sofa blanket can change the mood of your living room.

All four of these options are less expensive than buying a new piece of furnishing or decorative piece in order to gain a different look and feel to your apartment space.

If you are looking for a new apartment in Centennial, CO, then Greenwood Plaza is located in the perfect urban setting with fully equipped gourmet kitchens, and select units have vinyl plank flooring and attached garages. Contact us to view our available floor plans and learn more about this unique Denver community.

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