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When you use an appliance all the time, it’s easy to assume you know everything there is to know about it. But there are still mysteries to discover in even the most mundane of places. It’s common for people to waste energy and bump up their energy bills if they aren’t aware of the best practices for each device in their home. Follow these tips if you’re looking to get the most out of your washer and dryer.

Your washer works best when it’s filled to capacity, running with cold water, and using the right kind of soap. Regular soap will be far too sudsy in a front-loading washer, which can affect the quality of your clothes after a while. Cold water will ensure that you don’t use up too much energy, so skip the hot water unless you’re a car mechanic with lots of oil stains. You should also just say no to the sanitary cycle whenever possible. Opt for the high-spin option (if you have one) to further lower your energy bills. Finally, leave the door open after you’ve finished using your front-loader to decrease the likelihood of mold, and rinse your washer once a month by running a normal cycle with a cup of bleach.

Much of what you can do to increase your dryer’s efficiency has to do with the filter. Cleaning it after every load is both an energy saver and a safety precaution, as it reduces the odds the dryer will catch on fire. You should also be scrubbing the filter to clean off any film left behind by your dryer sheets (if you use them). Experts say to do this with a toothbrush about once a month. Finally, choose the moisture sensor option if it’s an available setting. It senses when clothes are dry and cuts the dryer off so you conserve energy without even trying.

Our apartments in Centennial conveniently have in-home washer and dryers. It’s just one of many ways we make it easy for our residents to live their lives without a lot of hassle. For more information on any of our available apartments, give us a call today to learn more about our community!

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