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Getting ready for Thanksgiving can be hectic and stressful if you don’t have the right plan. Therefore, the true preparations should start there—with the plan rather than with more obvious action. Then, you’ll have a roadmap for making your home ready for guests. This plan should take into account things like:

The process you’ll use to cook the feast and keep everything at the right temperature
Who’ll carve the turkey, if you’re having one
How you’ll invite people to your gathering
How many guests you expect to actually come
Whether or not they can bring guests of their own (and if so, how many)
Any food restrictions anyone has
A contingency plan for the people who will be late
A plan for the ones who’ll come far too early
By planning for all of these things in advance, your Thanksgiving event will go much more smoothly than it otherwise would. Remember that snafus are the biggest risks to such events, so plan for the common ones. Then, you won’t be tempted to snap when everything doesn’t run with clockwork perfection.

Now it’s time to start taking action. The first step should be to clean. Then, you won’t have to clean around new objects like decorations and groceries. You’ll also free up space.

Once you have your “canvas” all ready to fill, get out your Thanksgiving Day decorations. Be sure to place them in locations where your guests don’t have to be careful about them.

The day before Thanksgiving, cook up anything that tastes fine – or even improves – if it’s had a day to sit in the fridge. This includes pumpkin pies, some types of dressing, and more. Cook the turkey on the day itself if you can.

On the day, have hot plates or other equipment ready to keep things warm. There are usually too many side dishes and extras to serve them all before cooling would take place if precautions aren’t taken.

Finally, be relaxed. Remember that this is meant to be fun!

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